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Searching for the dragon in my closet

I can see you!

Lady Dernhelm
14 July
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RIP Mom. 7/23-12/2011
RIP Dad. 8/29-6/2013

I'm a big LOTR fan and I ship Aragorn/Eowyn.

I'm an artist/writer/seamstress by trade. I'm always off doodling, writing, or sketching out the latest costume I want to make. Though I do take some time to stop and eat. ;)

Though I was born in the USA I often feel Ireland is my true home. I love all things Celtic and vintage. I have a small collection of assorted Celtic and vintage things built up in my bedroom. I need a bigger bedroom! I'm running out of space to put everything! ;)

If you're a friend of mine or we know one another feel free to drop me a note so I can friend you back.

Yay, she looks like me too!
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